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a gin with a difference

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a little bit about us

At the heart of everything we do, there is a passion for beautiful, uncompromising drinks. But we also believe that business can – and should – be used as a force for good. One has a vision of a world where everyone has access to safe clean water, forever.

One Gin was launched on World Water Day in 2017, the first spirit launched by the One Brand, known for One Water. The idea behind it was simple – to merge our love of beautiful, premium craft spirits with our belief in making the world a better place.

It struck us that while there were hundreds of gins out there, there was real appetite for a distinctive,  savoury offering so we started exploring flavours native to the UK, such as nettle, hawthorn and camomile. The answer came in the form of one of our most loved and multi-facetted botanicals: fresh English sage and One Gin was born.

why we exist

our cause

It all began with a hurricane

Duncan, one of our 3 co-founders was inspired to start ethical brand, One, after being caught in Hurricane Mitch in Honduras in 1998 and experiencing first-hand what life is like without access to safe drinking water.

This ultimately led him to re-mortgage his flat, quit his job and focus full time on launching the ethical bottled water brand, One Water and The One Foundation. The idea was simple: To sell bottled water in the UK and give away the profits to fund the provision of clean water in the world’s poorest communities.

Cut to World Water Day in 2017… The Spirit of One launched, merging our love of beautiful, premium craft spirits with our belief in making the world a better place.


OUR team

Based in leafy Richmond upon Thames, we are a small, growing team of optimists with an obsession: to make the everyday count.

Duncan (right) set up the One Brand back in 2005, Ian (left) ran a digital agency way back and joined One to run product innovation and marketing. Cecile’s (center) background is in advertising, branding, and talent