This year, we have decided to honour Saint Galantine.

While Saint Valentine, Galentine’s better-known male counterpart, is the patron saint of love, happy marriages, and betrothed couples, Saint Galentine is the heavenly protector of female friendship, and indispensable best, best friends.  

Created by a fictional character: Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, Saint Galantine’s day  – the 13th Feb- is the opportunity to stay well away from expensive restaurants, red roses, and cheesy cards and to stay at home and shower your closest friends with love and attention.

Here are a few twists on classics to make it the best Love Fest yet

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   1. Food

Grazing platters are the way forward – stunning, fresh and requiring no-prep so you can focus on loving your guests. Platter London specialises in this kind of catering  – Check out their gorgeous options.

Supper London offers delivery straight from London’s Michelin star and high-end restaurants to your living room. If you feel like really spoiling yourselves this is the delivery service for you.


   2. Drinks














We asked Our brand ambassador Joe Wood to design a simple Love Cocktail to make with local Tesco ingredients. Make a jug to share with the girls.


3. Music

Karaoke can strike fear in the bravest souls but did you know that singing with other people can increase bonding and make you feel even closer to your BFF’s -According to a published study by experimental psychology researchers from the University of Oxford, bonding over karaoke can build relationships. (you can read more here) .

And help is at hand with karaoke machines with built-in autotune meaning even the most out of tune singer can sound like Beyonce. 


  4. Chocolate 

A girl’s night in requires chocolate. Think local and hand-crafted. Being based in Richmond, William Curley is a favourite of ours. William Curley uses only the freshest, most natural produce and mentors young talent within the business…Don’t expect any leftovers though. 



   5. Presents


Treat your girls to a little something they can take away – We love personalised love hearts


Anthropologie (The newest high street stockist of One Gin) also has a range of candles, soaps and scrubs that you can gift your galentine so they can spoil themselves when there just isn’t enough time (or money!)  for a trip to the spa.


   6. flowers

We have yet to meet someone who isn’t touched by receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Yellow roses are perfect for Galentine’s day as they are commonly associated with friendship. “This cheerful hue declares, ‘You’re a great friend.’ You might want to stay away from yellow if you are in a romantic relationship, though, as some people claim they represent jealousy and infidelity.


Happy Galentine’s night to all the girls and a big thank you to everyone who chooses One Gin. We know we can’t solve the water crisis overnight but we can change lives One bottle at a time, One day at a time.