Winter Negroni

Butter washed One Gin, sweet vermouth, Campari, infused with dried fruit & spices. The perfect pre-dinner tipple this festive season.


large rocks


30ml Butter washed One Gin infused with mincemeat*
25ml Sweet Vermouth
20ml Campari


Chill all ingredients

Stir all ingredients with ice and strain into a frozen glass or large bottle to be stored in the fridge or on ice.

Garnish with figs or orange wedges

*Butter washed One Sage Gin infused with mincemeat

In a large plastic measuring jug add the 70cl bottle of gin, stir in a warm stick of butter (125g). Once homogenised freeze for 5/6 hrs. Take the jug from the freezer and strain through a coffee filter, discard the solid butter. Combine the gin with mincemeat (mince pie filling) in a sealed container and steep for 12 hrs min. Strain through a coffee filter and rebottle.

Created by Joseph Wood

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