Nordic rose

A beautifully balanced floral and fruity summer cocktail, which we believe is best enjoyed as a refreshing after dinner treat.


Champagne flute


15ml One Gin infused with lemon verbena (1g per 100ml of gin)
60ml Waldon Mead
60ml Kombucha
1 Scoop rosehip sorbet*
Rose petal garnish


Build in a champagne flute and garnish with a rose petal.

* Purchase online, or to make rosehip sorbet at home: mix 300g of rosehip puree with 50g caster sugar, 300ml rosehip tea and the juice of 2 lemons. Heat all gently until homogenous then pass through a fine sieve and cool. Add to an ice cream machine and churn until sorbet consistency is achieved. If no ice cream maker is available, simply freeze in tupperware, breaking up and churning every hour until desired consistency is achieved.

Created by Joseph Wood

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Every bottle funds water projects in the world's poorest communities