Green Snapper

Our take on the more traditional Red Snapper (Bloody Mary made with gin). Perfect with brunch.


Collins / Highball


50ml One Gin Classic
10ml Tio Pepe
150ml green juice*


Roll between two tins with cubed ice and strain into a frozen glass. Garnish with a Padron pepper, fried off in a little olive oil and sea salt.
TIP: Make up the green juice in advance and store in a sealed bottle in the fridge.

* Green Juice – makes 1 litre – 700ml Green tomato juice / 100ml lime juice / 100ml celery juice / 50ml jalapeno juice / 25ml green tabasco / 25ml Worcester sauce / 1 x avocado / 1 x handful coriander leaves / 3 x bar spoons Maldon sea salt / 3 x bar spoons black & white pepper / 1 x bar spoon ground turmeric / 1 x bar spoon ground cumin

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