Bramley Fizz

A refreshingly light and fruity sparkling gin cocktail may lead to repeat orders.


Champagne flute


1 star anise, plus extra to garnish
25ml One Gin Classic
50ml Bramley apple sauce
½ tsp honey
20ml mango-infused Lillet Blanc (simply add some dried mango to the bottle, leave for 24 hours and then strain)
½ tsp lemon juice
1 tsp elderflower cordial
80ml sparkling wine


Chill your champagne flute. Add a star anise to a mixing glass and crack with a wooden spoon. Add all the remaining ingredients, apart from the fizz, along with ice and stir for 20 seconds. Using a tea strainer or sieve, double strain the mixture into the bottom of the chilled flute, top with cold sparkling wine and garnish with a star anise.

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