5 reasons to visit your local pub this month.

There’s nowhere quite like your local pub. In most towns across the country, ‘the local’ is the heartbeat of the community, providing far more than just a pint. This January, we’re celebrating the things that give us that cosy warm feeling so here are five reasons your local pub is the best place to be: 


  1. Togetherness 

Many of us have spent a lot of time with family over Christmas. Time to catch up with friends and neighbours who we didn’t get to see over Christmas. Why not sign up for a Pub quiz and get a team together?


   2. A drink by the fire

Is there really anything better than sitting by the fire in your local pub? Order a coffee and bring a book along to make yourself really feel at home. 


   3. Food 

There is a little bit of magic in a roast dinner at your local pub. Incidentally, both gin and sage are known to go very well with roast lamb making One Gin and Fever-Tree tonic the perfect accompanying drink!  


    4. Meeting new people

Why not sit at the bar on a quiet day and chat to the bar person? If nothing else it will make you feel more home the next time you go in and they greet you by name. And you might learn a few things…



   5. Warm drinks

Winter months are all about hot chocolate and tea, but there are other delicious warm drinks. Many pubs serve hot gin and tonics, mulled ciders with gin and other warming tipples.  You can even try these at home and teach your local bartender a thing or two (Check out our Hot Tea Punch


One Gin is now stocked in selected Fuller’s Pubs. If you don’t see us on the shelf in your local let your landlord or bar manager know you’d like to see One Gin stocked in their pub. 

Every bottle of One Gin funds the work of The One Foundation in The World’s Poorest Communities.