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At One Gin we create award-winning, bold, distinctive London Dry gins abundant with fresh sage and copper-distilled into wonderfully smooth aromatic spirits. One Gin is the first gin created to give back to a global humanitarian cause; we donate at least 10% of our profits to fund life-changing, sustainable water programmes in the world’s poorest communities.

We know we can’t change the world overnight, but we can change lives one bottle at a time, one person at a time, one day at a time.

ONE sage GIN

Our first gin and proud winner of an IWSC Gold Award, One Sage Gin is a bold, savoury gin abundant with fresh sage, juniper and citrus, copper distilled into a wonderfully smooth aromatic spirit. This very special premium gin was created to delight your palate of course, but every bottle also helps to tackle the global water crisis.

ONE Sage & Apple GIN

An orchard fresh twist on our original sage gin, this wonderfully crisp, award winning, fragrant gin is the perfect balance of juniper, fresh sage and crisp russet apple. Tapping into the current trend for flavoured gins, but without creating an overly sweet gin, we use the oil from the pip of the russet apple to deliver crisp apple freshness distilled as a London Dry.

One Port Barrel Rested Gin

This winter, we introduced a distinctive and elegant new gin to our range, something exciting and different for the festive season. This limited edition is created by laying down One Gin’s signature premium sage gin to rest in reclaimed port barrels. The result is a smooth, distinctive ruby gin bursting with spice, warm vanilla and toasted oak.


One Gin stands out among the multitude of new craft gins for us. Its key botanical, fresh English sage, creates distinctively aromatic G&Ts and cocktails. And we love that every bottle of One Gin helps provide clean water to the world's poorest communities. - Huw Gott, Co-founder, Hawksmoor

One Port Barrel Rested Gin is a one of a kind gin that is jam-packed with character. It really is a gin like no other we've tasted and a must have in any collection. - Virgin Wines

Wow - What a drink! It’s got a lovely sweetness from being rested in the port barrel and is great mixed with tonic. - Joe Wadsack

One Gin is not only hypnotically delicious (aromatic sage, juniper, citrus and orange marmalade notes), but 10% of all profits go towards water projects in the worlds poorest communities...this is such a lovely way to turn something indulgent into something charitable and heartfelt. - @JennaFifi

We don’t mean to alarm anyone, but we think we’ve found The One. Bursting with fresh English sage and Spanish citrus, this award-winning gin tops taste tests time and time again. Not only that, but 10 per cent of profits go to fund life-changing water projects in the world’s poorest communities – we’ll drink to that. Serve with crisp apple and sage for a dangerously quaffable G&T. - GQ Magazine

Apple and sage go together like hand and glove. The juicy, citrusy notes from the apple and botanicals go remarkably well with the aromatic flavours from the sage. - @foodtravelinspired

One Sage Gin makes a killer martini. - Joe Wadsack

WOW, what a gin (or two!).- absolutely delicious, savoury and unique 👍The bottle didn’t last long. - Chloe Longhurst, online review

our perfect serve

One Gin is delicious served neat or simply on the rocks. But we think it’s just perfect, poured over lots of ice with a premium tonic water, garnished with freshly cut apple slices and a sage leaf or two.

Tasting notes: bold, fresh, aromatic

One Sage Gin has an overall aromatic nose of fresh sage, juniper and freshly cut sandalwood, with hints of orange marmalade. This leads to a palate of juniper, sweet and dry citrus, a hint of spice and a warm, smooth savoury finish.

One Sage & Apple Gin has an overall aromatic nose of fresh and candied apple, freshly cut wood and juniper, with hints of gooseberry and orange marmalade. This leads to a palate of fresh apple, orange peel and soft juniper, mixed spice and Turkish delight.

One Port Barrel Rested Gin has an overall aromatic nose of baking spices, vanilla, sage, dates and pipe tobacco. This leads to a palate of bacclava, iced buns, pistachio ice cream, mincemeat, sage and baked granola, with a long, smooth finish.

One Gin is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and certified kosher.

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Coriander from Eastern Europe


from France


Nutmeg from the West Indies


Fresh Sage from England


from Italy


Liquorice from the Mediterranean


Orange Peel from Spain


Juniper from The Balkans


Cassia Bark from India


Lemon Peel from Spain

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Enjoy One Gin neat, on the rocks or as part of one of our unique cocktail recipes



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Every bottle funds water projects in the world's poorest communities