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IWSC Gold award winning One Gin is abundant with fresh English sage, juniper and citrus, copper distilled into a wonderfully smooth aromatic spirit. This very special premium gin was created to delight your palate of course, but every bottle also helps to tackle the global water crisis.

ONE ‘Sage and Apple’ GIN

We are proud to introduce our second gin; ‘sage and apple’ is an orchard fresh twist on One ‘sage’ gin. This wonderfully crisp, fragrant spirit is a perfect balance of
juniper, crisp russet apple and fresh English sage.

We know we can’t change the world overnight but we can change lives one bottle at a time, one person at a time, one day at a time. We donate at least 10% of our profits to fund life-changing water projects in the world’s poorest communities.


One Gin stands out among the multitude of new craft gins for us. Its key botanical, fresh English sage, creates distinctively aromatic G&Ts and cocktails. And we love that every bottle of One Gin - just like One Water - also helps to fund clean water projects around the world. - Huw Gott, Co-founder, Hawksmoor

One Gin is not only hypnotically delicious (aromatic sage, juniper, citrus and orange marmalade notes), but 10% of all profits go towards water projects in the worlds poorest communities. It’s such a fantastic initiative, and as someone who ‘may’ buy a fair few gin bottles a year, this is such a lovely way to turn something indulgent into something charitable and heartfelt. - @JennaFifi

In a sea of new gins launched during the gin boom over the last few years, One Gin catches people’s attention as a unique spirit both in flavour profile and brand story. It’s a hugely versatile gin that adds a distinctively savoury, herbaceous and meaningful twist to any classic gin cocktail. - Joe Wood, award-winning bartender

I've tasted a few yummy gins in my time but ever since I first tasted One Gin, it became my very favourite. It's got a gorgeous sage flavour and aroma! What's even better is that every bottle I buy supports the work of the One Foundation and their water projects. - Barbara Hollyhead, online review

Not only will this gift give happiness to a gin lover, it will also help to raise funds for various water projects for people in need. - @OnTheSauceAgain

Excellent Gin, really full of taste and the botanicals really lift the flavour, would recommend this to anyone. Drink with a Nordic blue tonic and a slice of apple - James, online review

A genuinely good tasting gin and for once I get the IWSC Gold award it has received with its sage. But more importantly it contributes to fund water projects around the world. - @Gintonicologist

I have been waiting for this one and am not disappointed! It's delicious, really smooth and tastes wonderous with Mediterranean tonic and a rosemary garnish... - theginparlour.com, online review

WOW, what a gin (or two!). I bought the Sage gin in the supermarket as I’d heard good things and it was on offer, it immediately became my favourite - absolutely delicious, savoury and unique 👍The bottle didn’t last long (I savoured that last shot!) so I bought the sage and apple - it was on offer and they kindly sent a miniature with my order - what a cute treat!! Well, I didn’t think things could get much better than the sage- how wrong I was, the apple and sage with ice mixed 2:1 tonic:gin was PERFECT, so delicious that it’s actually dangerous!!!! 🤣 Great flavour with a subtle sweetness (nothing sickly here!) - honestly THE BEST GIN (yes, I have a few 😬). Already 200ml down on evening one - oops 🙄 - Chloe Longhurst, online review

The taste of the gin is as beautiful as the label itself. - theginparlour.com, online review

Tasting notes: bold, fresh, aromatic

One ‘sage’ Gin has an overall aromatic nose of fresh sage, juniper and freshly cut sandalwood, with hints of orange marmalade. This leads to a palate of juniper, sweet and dry citrus, a hint of spice and a warm, smooth savoury finish.

One Gin is vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and certified kosher.

OB060_One_Gin_Home_Page_Mobile_Botanicals botanicals-image_v2

Coriander from Eastern Europe


from France


Nutmeg from the West Indies


Fresh Sage from England


from Italy


Liquorice from the Mediterranean


Orange Peel from Spain


Juniper from The Balkans


Cassia Bark from India


Lemon Peel from Spain

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Enjoy One Gin neat, on the rocks or as part of one of our unique cocktail recipes



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One Gin is available in John Lewis & Partners, Harvey Nichols, Ocado.com, selected Tesco stores, selected Fuller’s Pubs and independent stockists throughout the UK

Every bottle funds water projects in the world's poorest communities